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Not Your Typical Workers' Compensation Case: How To Take Action

Most injured workers can breeze through the workers' compensation process without a problem. That can make it all the more frustrating for workers that encounter issues with their claims. Without benefits, hurt workers may have to forego payment for medical treatment as well as the partial salary typically paid. It can be tough to know when it's time to speak to a workers' compensation lawyer. Some issues cannot be resolved any other way, however. Read on for some examples of common claim problems that are best left to a workers' compensation lawyer.

You Are Turned Down For Benefits

The workers' compensation insurance company might deny your claim for several reasons. Some of those reasons may be related to minor issues with your claim form and can be resolved over the phone or by submitting a corrected claim form. Other issues are more serious and may require a lawyer's help. Some of those denial issues might be:

  • You are accused of being under the influence of a substance at the time of the accident.
  • You are being told that your injury did not occur at work.
  • You are being told that your injury was the result of a preexisting condition.

And more.

Your Employer is Not Cooperating

Some employers are reluctant to file claims for hurt employees. The employer is responsible for paying workers' compensation premiums and may not fire an employee out of work for a covered injury. If you have been hurt on the job and your employer is refusing to comply with state workers' compensation law, speak to a lawyer.

You Are Ordered to Return to Work Too Soon

Even if your claim is approved and you are being provided benefits, most injured workers are ordered to return to work at some point. The timing of that order is important. If your injury is healing well but you are not ready to resume your former position, more time may be needed. If your injury is at a standstill, you may have a permanent injury. You should not resume a job while you are still recuperating.

You Have a Permanent Injury

Unfortunately, some workplace injuries never fully heal. Dealing with a permanent work-related injury almost always requires the help of a workers' comp lawyer. With the ruling of a permanent injury also comes the offer of a settlement. The amount you receive should be carefully thought-out and negotiated. Even the way you are paid your settlement is important. Speak to a workers' compensation law firm for help with any of the above issues or anything else.