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Customs Lawyer: You Should Hire One To Navigate Complex Trade Regulations

Customs law is a dynamic area of law, and customs regulations change frequently. If you are concerned about customs issues when importing or exporting goods, it's important to work with an attorney who is familiar with relevant customs regulations. A customs lawyer will know the latest changes in customs law and can help you avoid costly customs problems and delays.

Customs lawyers serve an extremely important purpose in protecting customs brokers, importers, exporters, manufacturers, and agents. These legal professionals are always the first line of defense against government agencies that are seeking to collect duties or enforce customs laws.

Disputed customs issues can arise at any point during the importation process, including during the pre-arrival review of customs documents, post-import review of customs entries, and post-release review of customs bonds. While customs brokers are qualified to handle some of these issues, importers, exporters, or manufacturers may find that their customs brokers lack the expertise required to successfully resolve customs disputes, especially where customs laws are complex.

A customs lawyer, on the other hand, has a thorough understanding of customs laws and regulations. They have experience working with customs brokers, agents, and other professionals and with handling a broad range of customs issues. In addition, the lawyers frequently attend training seminars to stay current on new developments in customs law and enforcement initiatives that directly affect their clients' bottom line.

In short, companies that solely rely on customs brokers, agents, and other customs professionals for their expertise will find that hiring a customs lawyer to provide additional representation is the only way to fully protect their rights.

Here are the three prime reasons why hiring a customs lawyer is a good idea:

Customs Law Is Very Complicated

Customs laws and regulations have become increasingly complex over the last several years due to new legislation, changes in customs practices, and increased customs enforcement efforts, making customs compliance even more difficult.

Customs Regulations Are Almost Always Specific to The Type of Product Imported

For example, customs regulations for food products, pharmaceuticals, and automotive parts are all very different. Brokers and other customs professionals could end up misclassifying a product during customs entry, resulting in the merchandise being held, delayed, or even destroyed.

Customs Lawyers Cost Money, But They Save You More Money

Like any other service, customs lawyers charge for their services. However, they can help you avoid customs-related fines and penalties that could potentially be much larger than the customs lawyer's fee. A customs lawyer can also help import or export businesses minimize customs-related fees by structuring shipments to avoid customs duties.

The Bottom Line

Customs lawyers specialize in customs law, providing expert customs legal representation to their clients when dealing with customs issues. They are an excellent resource for companies that are seeking to avoid customs penalties, seizures, delayed shipments, and even product destruction.

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