What Features Should A Non-Compete Agreement Include?

One of the trickier tasks a company may have to deal with on the employment contract front is crafting a non-compete agreement. Enforceability is essential, and that's rarely as simple as getting a signature from the employee or contractor. Here are features an employment attorney will include in every non-compete agreement. Reasonable Scope If there's one thing a former employee will use to torpedo a non-compete clause in a contract, it's excessive scope. [Read More]

Information For Sexual Harassment Victims

Being a victim of sexual harassment can be a highly traumatic and disruptive experience for a person to go through. While victims of these incidents can have legal options to address the situation, they may not have the understanding needed to fully defend themselves against these transgressions. Myth: Sexual Harassment Always Involves Touching Some victims of sexual harassment may assume that this will always involve touching. While touching is often a part of sexual harassment, this can also be a purely verbal transgression. [Read More]

Not Your Typical Workers' Compensation Case: How To Take Action

Most injured workers can breeze through the workers' compensation process without a problem. That can make it all the more frustrating for workers that encounter issues with their claims. Without benefits, hurt workers may have to forego payment for medical treatment as well as the partial salary typically paid. It can be tough to know when it's time to speak to a workers' compensation lawyer. Some issues cannot be resolved any other way, however. [Read More]